First Trimester Recap

They say by your second trimester you start to feel a whole lot better and let me tell ya’ll ain’t that the truth. At the beginning I was always tired I would go to bed at 7:30 or even 8 pm at night, I know what your thinking crazy right?? But it was so hard to stay up I needed all the rest I could possibly get to get me through the next work day .These raging hormones in your body can do a number on you, but its all worth it to keep that little nugget growing as much as they can to get through the first hump of pregnancy. There were days where I was extremely bloated and nausea’s all day long, those days sometimes felt like they wouldn’t end. Now I am not complaining about any of it trust me.

During the first trimester I did acupuncture which I had been introduced to a year prior to starting my IVF. This did help with the nausea symptoms and the constant headaches I had. Now before you do this you need to make sure the acupuncturist knows that you are pregnant even if its early on. Of course this is all confidential and its something that will not be disclosed with someone else. I felt like it helped me relax and distress especially during times like these. If you feel uncomfortable and think you should consult with your obgyn first then do what you think is best. This is something that I did for myself to help with my symptoms, again consult with your doctor before you do anything.

I am currently 14 weeks when I post this! I am so excited can’t believe I have made it this far and I am so grateful for it. This is definitely an exciting time in our life and I am looking forward to all the new and exciting things to come. I am finally starting to feel much better.

Hope you are all staying safe and enjoying what is left of the summer!

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