Were finally pregnant

If you haven’t read about my journey with infertility go check it out! It has been a journey and let me say not an easy one. Lot’s tears and thoughts that constantly filled my mind wondering when I will get to share this kind of news. Now if you are reading this and going through this journey called infertility I am here and I understand how you feel. If reading this makes you sad or even angry in anyway which I understand let me say it’s OK. Been there and done that, I am guilty for having those feelings, being excited for someone but also feeling disappointment because all I can think is when will that be me.

Quick recap, back in March I had an egg retrieval and unfortunately I couldn’t have a fresh transfer due to the fact my progesterone levels were too high even before I made it to my egg retrieval. Disappointment right there I was not happy but understood that things like this can happen. Infertility is filled with a lot of unknowns. So fast forward I received my medication in early May to start my prep for a frozen embryo transfer at the end of the month once my little friend came (if you know what I mean). Here’s the thing though day one of missed period and nothing, so I thought I am just going to be late no big deal its OK. The next morning nothing so since I had a cheap pregnancy test laying around I decided why not and check who the heck knows. I was positive it was going to be negative but it wasn’t there were two pink lines there guys!!!! My eyes couldn’t believe it I was in denial at first I was in shock. For so long we struggled with this made it was far as having embryos frozen to only have it happen naturally.

Now I am so grateful for this experience and if I can do it all over again I would. Journey to mother hood is never an easy one, its all uncertain but always worth the fight. To all my fertility warriors out there, you are amazing, you are beautiful and you are strong. If your still in the process of this fight don’t give up your time soon will come as well.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all stay safe.


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4 thoughts on “Were finally pregnant

  1. Congratulations ma’am !
    May your child be blessed with success in his/her life. May all her/his aspirations come true.

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