Small Sustainable Changes Applied at Home

When I first started on this journey I had no idea what I was doing and honestly I still don’t. It’s all a learning process, part of it is educating yourself and learning more how you can be environmentally conscious.

Did You Know

Typically, plastic takes 1,000 years to break down, now that is a crazy number isn’t it. Water bottles take 450 years to break down as well. If you’re interested in reading more about it check out more facts on household products and their decomposition cycles here. Buying reusable containers for your water instead of water bottles. I am officially free from having plastic bottles and gallons of water at home.

Start Small

When in the process of researching and reading how my family and I can be less wasteful at home I question if it will ever be possible for me. Honestly it’s a transition that I do believe takes time to adjust. If there are ways that you can help reduce waste on this planet that we live on why not make those small changes. Now that doesn’t mean you HAVE to go zero waste but try to be more environmentally conscious.

So we all know about straws and how they play a huge impact on our little sea turtles. Please get rid of the plastic ones and start using recyclable straws, better for the planet. I will be linking two different types of straws that I am currently using at home. This first set is Bamboo Straws and you can find them here. There is another set that I found at Target with silicone tips of different pastel colors, very cute and affordable. Interested? Check out the link here.

Cloth towel

Something that I started doing was using less paper towels and more kitchen towels and small cloth towels to clean. Lets be honest paper towels are a huge waste. One thing that I noticed and really bothered me is that my husband loves to waste paper towels, he would drive me nuts. Every time I opened my trash to throw something out it was full of paper towels. So I made a commitment to using kitchen towels and small towels when I am cleaning. Less wasteful and better for the environment.


Now I am sure you have heard this before but seriously recycle. Where I live we need to recycle. If you have the option then do it it, take the time to recycle every product you possibly can. Any little thing counts. Wherever you live call your local trash company and figure out where you can drop off recycled products. Take the time do it even if you have the option not too.

I hope these small little tips are useful for you. I am new at this just like you if your trying to change certain habits at home. It’s all a learning process.

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!

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