Home Care Routine

Who doesn’t love self-care routines? Lately my self-care routine since quarantine started consisting of taking care of myself every day. Now when you hear about self-care routine typically it is done on Sundays; you take the day for yourself. Self-care during this time is so important, so every day you should be taking care of yourself. The way you feel physically and mentally during a time where everything is uncertain is important. 

Morning Routine

Everyone typically has their own routine or maybe no routine at all and that is totally fine. For me personally I am all about routine and having a schedule, is important even during this time. Part of my self-care is going to bed at a time where I know I will be able to get up the next morning at a decent hour. In my mornings I like to incorporate prayer and meditation, now this is something that works for me. I know meditation sounds difficult but its not. Sometimes just starting off with 5 minutes with your eyes closed and keeping your mind quiet can make a difference. Benefits of mediation are here if you are interested in reading up more about it. Incorporating yoga everyday has helped me relax and keep a clear mind. Moving your body and breathing intentionally can do wonders for your stress.

Body Care

When we think about self-care, I like to also associate that with the way you look. Now looks are not everything but in order to feel good on the inside you want to feel good on the outside. During this time at home I will be honest most of the time I have spent it in leggings and a t-shirt. There have been days though where I have put on a little bit of makeup and a set of cute earring’s. Being present in that moment and taking the time to do that for myself helps with the way you feel.

Since you have been home how many facials have you had done? When were busy and constantly running around we tend to put our self care to the end of the line. I love doing at home facials or body scrubs in the shower, but constantly being busy I tend to not do them as often. We forget that it doesn’t matter how busy we are we also need to take care of ourselves. Part of that is taking time to do facials, taking a little longer in the shower to apply that body scrub so your skin and you feel great. Something this quarantine has taught me is to slow down, we live in a constant rush that we don’t take time to nurture ourselves. Part of that nurturing is making sure you feel good so you can be your best self.

What You Eat

There are so many things that you can do that can be part of your self-care routine. Listen I will say this again self-care doesn’t only have to be done on Sunday’s.

What you eat is so important, if you want to feel good then you need to have a better diet. Eating tons of processed foods will not make you feel healthy. I try to maintain a clean and healthy diet, now I am not perfect I do have my days but for the most part I monitor what I eat. Eating healthy improves how you feel, interested in the benefits click on this link here. One thing that I do religiously everyday is drink my green smoothie, getting a handful of fruits and veggies in a day is important.

Now self-care for many of you can be very different from mine. Self-care can be reading a book for a couple of hours. Working out, going out for runs or walks and even bike rides. Anything that helps you get out of your funk and feeling better and helping you become a better version of you is self-care. During this time take advantage of the time you have create healthy habits that you can continue to do once this is all over.


  1. Eating Healthy
  2. Exercising (inside and outside)
  3. Reading
  4. Yoga
  5. Meditation
  6. Journal
  7. Being kind to yourself
  8. Dancing
  9. Art
  10. Getting sleep
  11. Drinking lots of water
  12. Lighting a candle
  13. Diffuse Essential Oils

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