Our Wedding Story

Hawaii Edition

Hey ya’ll if you’re reading this I hope your staying healthy and enjoying the time you have at home, given the circumstances of course. I have been married to my husband a little over two years now. We were married in the State of Hawaii on 9/6/2017. Let me tell ya’ll that was the best day of our lives. Not only did we have our dream vacation we decided why not get married there as well.

Why we chose Hawaii

When we got engaged we did think about having big wedding, but after speaking about it and really putting thought into it we decided not too. The idea behind it was this day is suppose to be about us, we want it to be special. At the time spending a lot of money on a wedding did not seem ideal to us, so why not put it towards a honey moon and wedding?! When we were coming up with ideas of destination weddings I thought about Hawaii. I had seen pictures and videos of people getting married on the Island and thought we should do that. We loved that idea so much better. Unfortunately we did not have family come but when we got back there was a little party for us to celebrate our wedding. If we could do it again we would in a hear beat.

The Beauty of Hawaii

Now if you’re planning on traveling to Hawaii or already have get ready to be traveling all day. I knew that for us it was going to be a more than twelve hour flight, but i truly was not prepared at all. Honestly don’t be afraid of the travel because its worth it, Hawaii is paradise on earth. The Island is just so beautiful, from the sunrise and the sun setting. Every minute spent on it is magical. We watched the sun set right on Waikiki beach every night, till this day we still talk about Hawaii and how we cant wait to go back someday. The Island is filled with beautiful beaches, amazing food and filled with beautiful people who truly love their Hawaiian culture and their Island. I honestly had never seen such beauty before, till this day I still think about the Island and longing to go back someday.


Hope you enjoyed the read and let this be an encouragement to visit Hawaii. Life is too short. Continue to stay safe! Have a beautiful week.

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