Infertility and Marriage

Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture when starting your journey. Remember its just as hard on your partner when your not getting the results you are looking for. Remember to always be on the same page and understand each others feelings. Don’t under mind what the other is feeling, they are going through this with you. You are not alone.

Remember your in this together.

If you have stumbled upon this post, don’t leave stick around. Thank you for coming by and I hope you enjoy the read. If you’re currently going through IVF with your significant other or trying for a baby, it can sometimes take a toll in your lives. The minute you begin talking about starting a family it is an exciting time. The minute you don’t start seeing the results you are looking for you begin to question what is going on. Its only natural right?! You hear about couples getting pregnant on their first try. There is something that I have learned through out this process, you cannot compare your journey to a baby to another couples story. The minute you start doing this you will go BANANAS.

Now because our journey to having a baby has been a two year process we have become much closer during that time. Our relationship is different, honestly two years ago I can say we weren’t ready. Sometimes in life you have to learn to trust the process or trust that God’s plan is much bigger than you can imagine. Starting a family is all we have talked about but timing is key. I know its so cliche to say things happen the way they do for a reason, but in all honestly in our case that is the truth. In these past two years we have been able to become closer as a married couple. We have had the opportunity to visit places we never thought we would. We have built a strong foundation because of it. Sometimes we just have to learn to trust the process.

Hope your all staying safe.

Happy Quarantine Monday!

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