Always Choose Joy

It is currently 7:30 am and I have been up since 6:30 this morning. What day is it again? Oh yeah it’s Thursday! Week three for me during this time of COVID-19 lock down. I can’t say it has been the easiest of time’s but I have I choose to be grateful regardless of what is going on right now. I choose JOY. In the midst of the chaos choose JOY.

JOY (meaning) A feeling of great pleasure and happiness

Find the little things to be grateful for during this time of uncertainty. Constantly worrying everyday wont make things better. A change in attitude can change how your day will play out.

You have a choice, you can choose to constantly worry or you can choose to be joyful. Now that doesn’t mean you wont have moments where you will start to wonder when this will be over, when that happens change that mindset. Look to be more positive in the midst of uncertainty, yes it will be hard but don’t give up until you try.

Everyday that goes by and where still home, choose to be joyful.

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