Managing Stress During Isolation

For me I like to think I am an introvert because I don’t mind isolation at times, being alone is a piece of cake for me. But honestly the more time we have spent inside the harder it has become.

In order to stay sane I have kept up with my morning routines, so that means that I have been still getting up early as if I was going to work because routine for me is crucial. When I don’t have a routine I feel like I haven’t done much.

Ill be making a list of things that I have been doing to keep me busy through out the day. Being inside all day can make you go bananas, but don’t let it. Take advantage of this time and do the thing’s that you have been putting out on hold for the last couple of months.

COVID-19 Daily Routine’s

  1. Wake up early
  2. Pray (if you believe in prayer of course)
  3. Meditate
  4. Yoga and stretching, move your body good for your mind
  5. Shower get dressed don’t stay in your sleep wear all day
  6. Going for walks, get fresh air. Walk your dog if you have one
  7. Catch up on reading
  8. Journal, write your thoughts feelings down
  9. Lots of cooking
  10. Taking breaks from social media don’t just sit and scroll all day
  11. Work on projects around the house. Cleaning,organizing, de-cluttering
  12. Play loud music and have a dance party

These are just tips to get you through the day. Thing’s that I am doing and seem to be helping. Hope you enjoy the read. Stay safe.

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