Social Distancing Covid-19

We have been advised to stay in and quarantine ourselves to stop the spread of this virus. I have been officially in quarantine for a few days now and it has been very hard for me. When your constantly on the go you don’t realize the small things you take for granted. Truly taking time for yourself and spending time with your loved ones who live at home of course(social distance even from family). We have been trained to be on the run constantly that we don’t really stop to appreciate all we have. We take for granted the small things we were able to do on a day to day basses and now can’t because of the shutdowns.

During this time I have been reflecting on a lot of things and I hope many of you have as well. Write down the small things that you are grateful for. Really take time to think about what truly is important in your life.

  1. Being able to go into work
  2. Going to the grocery store and having it fully stocked with the food I want
  3. Finding toilet paper (lol) now with this virus for some reason toilet paper was a big thing. It literally sold out everywhere and it was so hard to find
  4. Life is short and we get caught up on materialistic things that don’t matter
  5. Appreciating your family more then ever
  6. Mother nature, since COVID-19 there has been satellite findings that the pollution in the air has gone down. That says a lot about how were treating the planet we live on.

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