Incorporating a more Eco-Friendly lifestyle at home

Now that doesn’t mean you have make a full transition to feel like your doing something. Just being mindful of the waste is a step. Within the last several months I have become more conscious of what I’m doing to help the environment, in case you weren’t aware global warming is a real thing and our Eco-system is currently suffering because of it. Ill be listing a few tips of things that I have incorporated into my daily life to make a little bit of a change, remember it doesn’t need to be drastic but even a few things here and there can make a difference.

There is a site that a friend introduced me to, it’s called Public Goods, this company is all about sustainable living and eating as well. Not only are they inexpensive they have a great products that I am currently using that I love.

WAYS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE (things that i have done so far)

  1. Bamboo Straws (save the turtles)
  2. Organic Produce Bags for shopping
  3. Getting rid of Plastic Water Bottles (buying one that you can fill)
  4. Getting rid of Plastic Bags at home
  5. Recyclable Shopping Bags (no more grocery store plastic ones)
  6. No more plastic plates or Styrofoam plates at home, use your dinnerware set even if it requires you to wash more dishes
  7. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly dish soap. I use a Target brand called Meyers and they are Eco-Friendly.

These are just a couple of steps that I have done in my everyday routine and honestly it feels good to play a part in it. Baby steps are key, take your time don’t do it all at once but the more you change your habits the easier it will become. Not only that it feels good, you are playing in part to save the Eco-system and that is important.

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