Our four embabies

I had my egg retrieval on March 11, one week before the shutdown. COVID-19 really hit the State of Massachusetts, and the government recommended all elective surgeries to be cancelled. I was very lucky to have been able to have this procedure because unfortunately many women going through treatments had to stop half way through and cancel everything. My heart goes to all the women that started their injection’s and all their medications because waiting is something that we have been doing for a very long time. Now with the COVID-19 unfortunately we are all at risk if we continue with treatment.

Going in for the egg retrieval I was scared to death, I was excited but scared at the same time. This had been something that I was prepping for so long and the day was finally here. The staff and nurses were all so great and kind couldn’t have asked for better people to take care of me. They were able to successfully retrieve 16 eggs and the next day I was told how many fertilized. A week later I got the email that I have four frozen embryos being kept away. Now with the COVID-19 crises who knows when the frozen transfer will be. Now I just hope in the next month or so were able to get things done.

For all the women out there that had no choice and needed to stop their treatments half way through I am sorry. I understand your anger and frustration, we have a right to be because this IVF journey is literally a waiting game. There is nothing more disappointing when your half way through to have to just stop and feel like you have taken ten steps back instead of forward. Don’t lose hope, stay as positive as you can.

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