Infertility Sucks!

On my last post I opened up about having to go through IVF well actually I am going through it at the moment with my hubby. Let me tell you it has not been an easy road it’s not an easy one for any women or couple going through this. When you have that conversation with your partner about starting a family that is the most exciting moment in your lives. The moment you start you wait for that following month anticipation if your period is going to come down or not. Waiting if its going to be late, looking for possible symptoms you might be feeling before even peeing on that little stick that will give you one line or two.

The first thing that I can urge you NOT to do is blame yourself. It is not your fault if you are having a hard time getting pregnant, you and your partner will get through this and you need to work it out together. Now I’m going to tell you when we decided we needed help and needed to see someone it was something that I did not take easy. There were days where I did not want to get out of bed. I was angry, sad, mad at myself and mad at the world. It’s hard to be positive during this time but it’s important to be. Your mind set and the way you feel will play a part in all this.

It’s a process that in reality has no time or limit it can take a few months or even years to get what your looking for. No women in the this world should ever have to deal with the idea of a never being able to start a family. Unfortunately life sometimes sucks and we do live in a world where these things happen. It’s OK to cry!!!!! Cry until you no longer have any tears to shed if that’s even possible. Be open about your story and what you are currently going through because you never know who it can help. There are so many women out there feeling the way you are and are afraid to say anything, be their inspiration to want to tell their story as well.

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