Our IVF Journey

I have to tell you it hasn’t been an easy one, there has been some dark days and there has been days where I can see the sun shinning through that dark cloud that at time’s just doesn’t want to go away. If you’re in this process like I am currently don’t give up!!! SERIOUSLY! I know it’s hard and you probably have asked yourself a million times what am I doing? Is this even worth it? Am I even meant to have children in this life time? To answer your questions YES you are made for this. This is your journey and weather you want to open up about it right away or keep it to yourself just for a little while longer is up to you.

In Virtro Fertilization is a process that takes a lot of time and its all about timing and your medications working with your body. It takes a toll on your mind and on you physically. It’s important to find coping mechanisms during this time because stress is a big no no. Once you have accepted this your journey and this is made for you it becomes much easier trust me. If your someone that never practiced breathing exercises or meditation please make it part of your lifestyle, it’s very important not to have stress on the body and mind. Trying to stay as positive as you can during this process is important for you and your partner. Going to counselling together is part of it as well talking about it with one another staying connected, remember your not in this alone you have someone by your side that is going through this as well. Eating and maintaining a healthy and well balanced lifestyle is all part of it, doing whatever you can to get through this process. If you have to make changes then make them because at the end of this journey it will all be worth it.

To end this here I plan on continue to speak on this in other post! Stay tuned. Have an amazing start to your week.

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