Putting yourself first

It’s so important to remember that our mental health and what we need is just as important as the needs of family members or close friends. Were constantly on a go mode and never stop to take care of ourselves and never stop to think WHAT DO I NEED TODAY, not what others need but what do I need.

This is something that I have struggled with in the past where I tend to forget about my self and focus more on other people needs or wanting to make others happy even if I am not happy. Sometimes we just need to sit down and think for a little bit and ask ourselves what is important at the moment? It shouldn’t be making a family member happy or putting something off for ourselves that we have been wanting to do for so long just to please someone else.

Saying NO is important and its not wrong at all. Our physical and mental well being is just as important as your friend or family members, so we need to learn to take care of ourselves too. Stop feeling guilty if you say no they will get over it! YOU are just as important as they are. So sit for a moment and just reevaluate what are things in your life that you want to do for yourself but may require for you to say NO to others. Guess what?! DO IT! Don’t be afraid.

Hope you enjoyed today post! Thank you for reading.

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