Pixie Cut (Don’t care)

Now this can be a huge change for you but if it’s something you want then you need to do what makes you happy and forget about everyone else!

I want to talk about the fear that people sometimes have behind wanting to do what I did with my hair. I get told all the time I just want to cut my hair like you, and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is YASSSSS please do so. I LOVE my pixie cut! It’s who I am. Now with that I also get well I don’t have your face, or my face is too round and fat, or I am not pretty enough.

If you’re reading this and you’re that person that wants to chop off their hair and thinking about it and you speak to yourself this way please STOP NOW!!!! Don’t compare yourself to others be yourself. I cant stress that enough. Listen chop your hair off and be proud and confident about it. My answer is go right ahead and I get so excited until I hear negative feed back as too why they shouldn’t cut it that short.

Listen we are all beautiful in our own way and comparing ourselves to one another will not makes us feel better. We live in a society where we are consistently comparing ourselves to other women. The sad part about this it has become the new norm, and NOOOOO that shouldn’t be a normal thing

Self LOVE and accepting who you are is so important! When you are consistently beating yourself up you wont have confidence to do something you might love or even go for that pixie cut that you have been so eagerly wanting to do!

Self Love Mantras
  1. I am beautiful
  2. I am loved
  3. I am worthy of all good things
  4. I am a bad ass
  5. I am amazing
  6. I will rock that pixie cut

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