Leopard Everything (Seriously)

The dress that I am wearing I actually bought at Target, and let me tell you your probably going to see a lot of outfits from there because that is one of my favorite places to shop. If your wondering where the leather jacket came from there is a post that I made on it, go check it out!

What I love about this dress is that it’s versatile, you can either dress it up like i did here or you can throw on a jean jacket or some booties with it, instead of the high boots. Whatever look you decide to create with this either way it will look great.

The red skirt that I am wearing here I actually also bought at Target, they don’t have this color anymore but I do know they have a black one. The sweater is actually from last year but they do have a similar one as well. This is definitely a skirt that you can wear different way’s. You can dress it up or you can take the more casual route with it. I have worn it with a cute t-shirt some converse and thrown a jean jacket on top, and there my look is complete.


Now for the last and final look I decided to go a little more relaxed. This is for sure my favorite one, especially since I decided to pair it with the hat, gave it a more fall vibe to the look. The skirt I actually bought on Nasty Gal they have tons of different styles super cute one’s as well. If your looking for a print skirt check out their website.

Now remember fashion is about creating a piece that screams you!!! Fashion is about being your self and feeling confident and beautiful. So on that note have fun with it. Fall is definitely that time of year to do that. With all the fall fashion and trend’s there’s just so much you can do.

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