The moment we wake up we should be grateful that were able to make it out of bed. The reason I decided to make a post about this specifically is because I have a lot to be grateful for. But let me tell y’all I did not always have this mentality. Gratitude is something that you need to practice each and everyday because we live in a world where to be honest can be really freaking hard to live in. But I learned a long time ago that practicing gratitude can really change you as a person and your life.

Let’s start off with how I got into writing in a journal. I would just write down what I was feeling, what I was grateful for, even during time’s where at the moment I was probably having a bad day. Now today I have a small journal that every morning when I get up I write three thing’s that I am grateful for. Hey they can be the simplest thing’s just writing that you are grateful to have a job even if you aren’t happy makes a huge difference. It’s a reminder that you actually have a job and you should be grateful. Now if you’re not happy there, what are you going to do about it?! You need to change that, no one can do it for you only you can! But remember be grateful that you have it.

Let me tell you a quick story, any of you know who Rachel Hollis is? She is an amazing motivational speaker. The funny thing is that before I learned more about her and her line of work I started to practice writing in a journal and being grateful. Y’all she does this as well!!!! Practicing gratitude can and will change you. You may ask your self well it’s hard to be grateful when I am having a bad day, either at work, or your home life. Listen!!! I have been there! Trust! Get up in the morning and write in that journal and you will see how different your day will go, the moment you begin to have a bad day or someone at work isn’t the most positive, or your day isn’t going as planned, think about what you wrote in that journal that morning. Go back to that moment where you were writing why you are grateful and keep in your mind and don’t let anyone take that from you. STAY POSITIVE! I can’t say that enough.

Now if you are reading this please don’t think I have everything figured out because I honestly don’t. I am not perfect I am far from that, actually none of us are. But I work hard each and everyday to be grateful and to be positive because creating that kind of atmosphere will change your life, and it’s contagious and can change someone else. So get up and practice gratitude, make that part of your daily routine. You will see how different your day is when you are mindful of your thoughts and action’s. We all have something to be grateful for even on the bad days!

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