Come to Nashville with me

My hubby and I have traveled to a few places, Hawaii, Chicago, Paris and don’t get me wrong I loved everything about each place. But Nashville stole my heart!! Between the food and the Southern Hospitality and all the sightseeing you could never get bored there. My hubby and I love listening to country music and music just in general, so visiting this city filled with music and its own unique charm was not out of the question.

The first thing we did when we arrived to Nashville was go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and we had lots of fun with that. If you are a person that likes to learn more about a new place you visit definitely go there. Everything you want to learn about country music and the history of it is right in there, and even if you are not a huge country music fan its still cool to learn new things. Isn’t it?!. Hey I was able to record a song with Taylor Swift! If your someone who loves her then this is the place for you to visit. (lol)

Lets talk about the FOOD!!!! The entire time we were there not once did I not enjoy every meal I had. From the Southern hot chicken to the delicious BBQ it was hard to pick which was my favorite because I loved it all. Martin’s BBQ great place to have a good pulled pork sandwich. If your in town and decide to stop by you will not regret it I can promise you that. Another one of my favorites was Jennies Splendid ice cream shop, now if your favorite desert is ice cream you will not be disappointed with this place. With all the flavors its hard to choose what you want to have that day. It’s definitely a place to go back to for seconds before you leave the city.

Are there any Carrie Underwood fans out there?!!!! PLEASE tell me someone is!!! Let me tell you she is my favorite I absolutely love her music! Right before our trip to Nashville my hubby surprised me with tickets to her concert at the Bridge Stone Arena!!!! OMG!!! I was beyond excited, someone that I had been listening too for so long and now was able to see live and in such a great city as well. I could not get any better! She was amazing, such a great performer we had such a good time. It’s definitely a Friday night that I will not forget.

To be honest I can go on and on about Nashville, but if you truly want to experience this city and all it has to offer then please add this to a list of places you would like to go someday.

One thought on “Come to Nashville with me

  1. Awe what an amazing post! Thank you for delivering a great account of your stay in Nashville! I’ve never cared about visiting the city, but after your reviews I just may need to someday 😎 Taylor and Carrie? Yes and yes 🎼🎤🎸🎺🎷

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